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Maximize Your Office Brain Power

Supplements can be beneficial for the work day. They can help you with your energy level at the office. Sitting at a computer all day can wipe you out on being able to focus. There are so many supplements that help with brain function. These can help you with focusing on your job.

To maximize the benefits from your supplements, you need to know when the best time to take them and whether you should take them with food or not. Many people often wonder when a good time to take natural supplements is. If you are taking prescribed medications, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before starting any supplement as they may interact with medication.

Take Your Vitamins at the Same Time Every day.

Many fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the body for up to 24 hours which means you should take supplements at roughly the same time each day to maintain a constant supply. The most common fat-soluble are A, D, E and K which are often in a multivitamin.

Should I Take My Supplement on an Empty Stomach?

We do not advise that you take your supplement on an empty stomach because it increases the chance of it quickly being passed out of your body in your urine without having time to be digested and do the most good. Vitamins B and C dissolve in water so they are most likely to pass through faster

Many people report nausea and gastro-intestinal problems when they take them on an empty stomach. A few supplements however, need to be taken on an empty stomach like enzymes or amino acid supplements.

When is the best time to take supplements?

Most people will take their supplements and breakfast time. This helps them build up a consistent routine. Plus, there is food in the body which prevents the vitamin from passing through the urine.

Also, think about it, most vitamins and minerals are found in food. So, doesn’t it make sense to take them with a meal?

Fat-soluble vitamins should be taken with a meal that contains some fat. If you really prefer not to eat a breakfast with fats, eat some nuts or add an avocado to your meal. If your breakfast is totally fat-free, for example fruit, add a handful of nuts or some avocado to enable the vitamins to be fully dissolved and available to be digested.


Should Some Supplements be taken at Different Times?

Calcium is a hard to digest mineral and should be taken in small amounts throughout the day. The body cannot digest more than 500mg of calcium at one time.


Take Magnesium at night because it promotes relaxation of the muscles.

You should not take Iron tablets with caffeine. However, citrus fruits are great at aiding iron absorption. Try taking them with a glass of orange juice instead of water.


Take Your Supplements When it is best for you to Remember

If you are not much of a morning time adjust your schedule to best suit you. If you get indigestion or nausea try them at a different time and see if the symptoms go away.

With understanding when you take your supplements, you can maximize the results that you can get from them. There is no need to take over the recommended amount. Your body can only handle so much and then it will get rid of the excess amount which is no benefit to you. Make sure you know what the recommended daily limit is and do not exceed that.

You will notice a difference in energy level and brain function. You will start to feel better and have the focusing power to make it through your work day.