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Mind Over Matter

Vince Lombardi once said “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” We are all fully capable of setting goals and reaching them, but what is it in our lives that make us feel like we aren’t ready?  You’ve heard it a million times; your body is more physically able than the mind thinks it is. The mind makes you believe that you’re heart is about to explode and jump out of your chest or you’re going to stop breathing and go into shock, when in all reality you’re body can most likely push through another two or three miles on the track. So if this is true, why do we give up?

According to Tom Connellan, the author of “The 1 Percent Solution: How to Make Your Next 30 Days the Best Ever “Peak Performance Press, 2011, just one week into January, 25 percent of New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than a memory. The prospect for keeping a resolution throughout the year are even more bleak, Connellan said. He estimates that by the time we ring in 2013, 88 percent of New Year’s resolutions will have been broken. ¹ Broken New Year’s resolutions can simply just be because of unrealistic goals, not having the will to change, or even just being a little bit too drunk to remember them. Other reasons why people don’t stick with a resolution might lie within the person’s lifestyle and the people around them.

If your family and friends are not aware of your weight loss goals, or don’t respect them, then it’s harder to stick to it. When their idea of having “fun” involves eating out on a regular basis, going to the bar, or even a simple get together that involves cocktails and tons of delicious hors d’œuvres, this can have an impact on your goals. We all want to enjoy ourselves, but we need to keep in mind the end results and what keeps us motivated. You need to remind those around you of your goals and if they can’t respect your goals then they don’t respect you, and maybe it’s time you spend some time apart.

While you can turn to your friends and family for support, you can’t rely on them for everything. You need to help yourself and prepare yourself to achieve your goals. Clean out your pantry, fridge, and storage. You don’t need unnecessary temptations lying around. Find a local gym and get a membership. Get yourself and your body on a schedule, set your alarm for the same time every morning and go to sleep the same time every night. If your gym has classes, plan ahead the classes you are going to be attending. Do whatever it takes to keep you motivated.